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Who is L'espionne?

This woman is a master of disguise !

A mutant able to adapt her face and body to any characters!

Known for being unknowable! 


Curriculum Vitae Complet 

Her name is Katherine Bissonnette and she is passionate about music and performing arts since her childhood.

First attracted by violin, she took classes for several years. Followed by singing and drama lessons.


After being refused twice in audition to enter a musical

theater program, because she did not fit in the mold, Katherine enters popular singing in Marie-Victorin where she mades 3 sessions. and finally decided to go to bar's school and by forming a few musical projects while doing a makeup course.


Since 2012, Katherine began to perform in many field of entertainment. 

From walking animation characters, personification, burlesque and special musical projects to the creation of costume & makeup. 

Her chameleonic skills earned her the nickname of  L'espionne Russe.*

*Russian Spy
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