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Roaming Entertainment

Roaming entertainment is an immersive and entertaining experience that brings life and energy to any event.

Our highly skilled actors and actresses specialize in creating memorable interactions with the audience. Adapting to all occasions, they move through crowds, creating a festive and engaging atmosphere.

The sophisticated costumes and makeup add a touch of magic and fantasy to the atmosphere.


Thematic Package

Our thematic packages combine our roaming and musical performances of the same theme.

 It's a truly unique and enjoyable way to make each of your events stand out.
Whether you choose a traditional or unconventional theme, we have the ideal package to ensure an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Château personnage.jpg


Give your guests the Hollywood experience with our impersonation artists.

They capture the essence and personality of celebrities, historical figures and more through impeccable costumes and makeup.

Whether it's through captivating live performances or roaming entertainment, our artists create moments of joy, surprise and admiration.


Contact us for more information. 

514 231-4469

Facebook/lespionnerusseproductions        Instagram: @Lespionnerusse

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