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Boy Band

Four strings

Most anticipated

Listening to Quatre Strings is a real pleasure for the ears. Attend one of their performances, you won't regret it. If you would like to know their story or discover anecdotes about their beginnings, do not hesitate to contact me.

DJ Jean

The sound magicians

Discover these superstars, essential members of the L'Espionne Productions group. Want to know more about their first performances and their sources of inspiration? Contact me now and book your service.

Rock Band
Summer Music Performance

The superb ones

Exceptional service

The Superb lives and breathes through music. This group has worked in the music industry for several years and has a wide range of exceptional talent.

Young Female

F. Rivière

A musical prodigy

Reliability, professionalism and satisfaction are always guaranteed during a service from F. Rivière. Whether for a wedding, a private party, a birthday, or something else, F. Rivière ensures you have a good time with your guests.

V. Wolf

An unparalleled show

V. Loup is proud to be able to play songs that are both catchy and comforting, to accompany any event. V. Loup's very enriching experience offers him the unique ability to make each event an intimate moment.

Young Male
Young Male


Incredible talent

D. Carel is a unique artist who adds an original touch to any event. D. Carel is a curious artist who knows how to adapt to all types of events thanks to his wide musical repertoire. He/she always brings a personal touch to the music.

Male Portrait

DJ Santa

All the successes

This DJ has mixed for numerous corporate events, weddings, and festivals. He is very talented! Dj Santa Claus offers something truly unique through his music.

DJ Theo

Unique rhythms

With his remixes and playlists, DJ Théo is a real asset to my business. DJ Théo is capable of creating an electric atmosphere that ignites the crowd.

Portrait of Smiling Woman
Smiling Businessman

DJ Jacques Jack

A proven talent

DJ Jacques Jack is one of the best DJs in the events world. Its extensive musical programming allows guests of all ages to dance to their favorite music. My clients and I love working with DJ Jacques Jack.

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